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Southernwood TeaThe University of Cologne has conducted research regarding the immune stimulating effects of Southernwood tea. In order to study its effects on the immune system, Southernwood tea was given to players of the Cologne hockey team "K├Âlner Haie". It was proven that the "tea drinkers" among the players displayed a significant increase in immune defence. (Biol. Med. 1997; 26 (3):105-9).

Above all, NK cells (= natural killer cells), cytotoxic T-lymphocytes and certain tissue macrophages (= phagocytes) saw significantly increased activity. These are precisely the three cell types that make up an immune system against viral diseases.

Based on the research performed by the University hospital of Cologne and our longtime cooperation with Professor Beuth, we decided to cultivate the Southernwood plant (Artemisia abrotanum L.) in a farm located in the area of Rheinhessen. The plants are grown using organic farming, and only the leaf tips are harvested and prepared into a tea.

In the area where RNP GmbH is located, Southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum L.) is considered a somewhat rare plant.

Harvesting the plant serves for further research. The dried leaf tips of Southernwood are available as a tea product (Eberraute-Tee Bioware). It is available for purchase in pharmacies. (PIP code - 04088925)

An extract of the southernwood herb is also available for further research and for the development of a phytopharmaceutical.

- Thus Southernwood tea can act as an immunostimulatory agent.
- Southernwood tea is a comestible (herbal tea) and not a pharmaceutical!

The tea is consumed as a food product, and similarly to other products containing a bittering agent, it has the ability to serve to "clean up the stomach".




Southernwood Tea

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