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"That's impossible, don't you know?", they said, and everybody believed them. Until one day, someone who didn't know came‎ along and made it possible." - Anonymous

We are a collaborative innovation network based on the concept of supply chain management. This innovative, superior form of collaboration is often found in the field of Research and Development. "Innovation networks focus on the development of excellent products and solutions, or in more general terms, on problem-oriented sourcing of expertise. An innovation network's critical contribution to the success of all parties involved is its ability to allow for the exchange of expertise on the current "State of the Art". Its primary goal is to allow for project-oriented optimum distribution of tasks, the rapid assembly of skills and the inclusion of know-how through widespread connection." (Otto, Andreas; 2002)

The RNP Pharm GmbH is working on solving problems in the field of phytopharmaceuticals on the basis of current scientific standards.

The development of health products (medical devices, pharmaceuticals) requires information from a wide variety of specialists. Projects implemented by RNP Pharm GmbH combine four areas of expertise:

1) Detailed knowledge of chemistry of natural products

Active natural substances must be isolated in laboratories and then provided to medical doctors (clinicians), requiring the skills of highly-trained professionals in their field.

2) Pharmaceutical expertise

The preparation of appropriate dosage forms of pharmaceuticals and medical devices is required for experimental testing and clinical studies.

3) Technical expertise required for registration procedures

All products must be reviewed and approved by pharmaceutical law in order to allow for an application for marketing authorization.

4) Markets for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food supplements

Our knowledge of current market structures and suitable marketing tools and strategies allows us to support the distribution activities of certain products.

RNP GmbH brings together different areas of expertise (detailed knowledge of natural product chemistry, pharmaceutical knowledge, medical expert skills, knowledge of the pharmaceutical market) quickly and effectively. The result of this combination of expert knowledge offers a number of platforms allowing for a wide variety of projects, which

a) allow for an optimal combination of the best-suited subsidiary skills. Companies with a fixed structure, on the other hand, will always give priority to their own staff.

b) As a result, development procedures for pharmaceuticals and medical devices can be undertaken in a much shorter time span by RNP GmbH.


Both our information network's organically grown and time-tested structure and our founders' experience in cooperating with interdisciplinary working groups allow us to implement projects within an extremely short timeframe.

Research on Natural Products